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Don't freak out if you don't see your old favorite. Sometimes items get "retired" off the main menu, but they're still available on the Old School Menu!

Omelette ingredients are sautéed in a special recipe wine sauce, served with home-style fried spudz, wheatberry toast and your choice of our signature sauces: housemade creamy mushroom, tomato pesto, or cheese sauce.

All omelettes come with bottomless toast and sauce – have as much as you want. Scramble it! All omelettes available as a scramble if you prefer.

Featured on Food Network's Throwdown with Bobby Flay!
Food Network Throwdown with Bobby Flay

Squeeze In's signature California omelette, the Racy Tracy: avocado, bacon, mushrooms and Monterey Jack cheese.

Racy Tracy:
Bacon, avocado, mushrooms and Monterey jack cheese

The Spanish Flay: our tribute to Bobby Flay! Finely diced red bell peppers and potatoes sautéed with smoked paprika in butter, and folded with jack cheese into seasoned eggs. This one’s a winner!

The Spanish Flay: our tribute to Bobby Flay!
Finely diced red bell peppers and potatoes sautéed with smoked paprika in butter, and folded with jack cheese into seasoned eggs. This one’s a winner!


Dierdoni: (dear-dough-knee)
Sausage, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms and jack cheese.

Your Mom: hey man, choose one:
Ham OR bacon OR sausage and a variety of cheeses.

Gare Babe’s Denver: you know...
Ham, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers and cheddar cheese.

Hangover Helper: it really does help... Ham, bacon, sausage and a variety of cheeses.

Hangover Helper: it really does help...
Ham, bacon, sausage and a variety of cheeses.

Dirty Dick: (Filthy Richard) who’s in the mood for some meat?...
Ham, bacon and a variety of cheeses
pro tip: need more? Need more meat. See Hangover Helper above.

Hot Sweaty Busboy: aka: "Mr. Sexy” As if there aren't enough choices!
Make your own combination of cheese and any four ingredients.
*King Crab excluded

Buckin’ Buster: busta move...
Sausage, spinach, mushrooms and a variety of cheeses.


Randi Chandi: oh so colorful...
Loaded with bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms

Patti Cake: patti cake, baker’s man...
Fat free turkey breast, avocado and jack cheese.

Nebraska Rae: midwest pride...
Bacon, avocado, tomatoes and cream cheese.

Jimmer Magic Man: lights, camera, action...
Sausage, bacon and mushrooms.
pro tip: add cheddar!

Party at Pyramid: you know the spot...
Ham, onions, tomatoes and jack cheese.

Wolf Pack Pride: stay true AND blue...
Pastrami, onions, tomatoes and swiss cheese.

Big Bad Johnson: good vibes, oh yeah...
Sausage, olives, bell peppers and a variety of cheeses.

My Big Fat Greek Omelette: no windex required...
Red bell peppers, spinach, olives, feta cheese and pesto.
pro tip: outrageous with sausage!

Hawaiian Aikane: Aloooo-ha!...
Ham, pineapple, jalapeños, cream cheese, sour cream and honey.

Wesley's Tri Tip Omelette

Wesley's Tri-Tip Delight:
A full 1/4 pound of our specially-marinated premium tri-tip, sauteed with mushrooms and tomatoes, blended with bleu cheese crumbles, topped with green onion sprigs.


Forest Gump: run Forrest, run...
Shrimp sauteed in butter, green onions and a variety of cheeses.
pro tip: top with Hollandaise to make it extra delicious.

The Squeeze In's Holy Crab! Omelette

Holy Crab!: Ooh la la!
A quarter pound of King Crab sautéed in butter with sliced green onions, then folded into eggs with Monterey jack cheese, topped with avocado and a lemon wedge. Melt-in-your-mouth goodness!

A Thadder: let’s book...
Shrimp sauteed in butter, bacon, spinach, mushrooms, soy sauce and Monterey jack cheese.

The Biggest Little Omelette: oh baby rock my world...
Shrimp sauteed in butter, zucchini, mushrooms and jack cheese, topped with avocado.


Cheeze-In: be cheezy...
A variety of cheeses.
pro tip: add a veggie!

Peavine Peak: from the top...
Broccoli, onions, mushrooms and Swiss cheese.

Jeremiah: was a bullfrog... you know the rest!
Mushrooms, onions, avocado and Monterey jack cheese.
pro tip: ham it up!

Chadillac: shouldn’t this be called the popeye?
Spinach, mushrooms and Monterey jack cheese.

Gary's Gord: just say Gord me...
Spinach, artichoke hearts, tomatoes and mushrooms ~ peace out.
pro tip: super good with feta!

Veggie Vigor: dude, where’s my car?...
Zucchini, artichoke hearts, carrots, celery, mushrooms, tomatoes, sprouts and a variety of cheeses.
pro tip: veggie junkie? Add avocado!

Neighbor Jackson: don’t be such a ‘spaz’...
Ttomatoes, mushrooms and Monterey jack cheese, topped with avocado.

Ethanator: adrenaline junkie...
Spinach, tomatoes, onions and Swiss cheese, topped with avocado.


Bash's Hot Weed: dude...
Chili con carne, celery, onions, bell peppers, sour cream and Monterey jack cheese.

Ditz Crew: spirit fingers...
Diced green chiles, onions and Monterey jack cheese.
pro tip: we love it with sausage!

Cathy Who? well, do you know?...
Ham, bacon, bananas, honey, mushrooms and cream cheese.

Zweifel: (zwy-ful)...
Peanut butter, apple, bananas and honey ~ kiss my grits.

Aubree & Dave: catch the wave...
Bacon, potatoes, mushrooms and cheddar cheese.

Sgt. Sponaugle: (not the little general)...
Pastrami, salsa, sour cream and cheddar cheese, topped with avocado.

Juanderful: I am so down...
Bacon, zucchini, artichoke hearts and cream cheese.


Shake & Bake: a Rickey Bobby classic...
Salsa, olives, Monterey jack cheese and sour cream, topped with avocado.
pro tip: up the bueno factor with sausage or chorizo

Trippy Thomas: may the force be with you...
Refried beans, onions, diced green chile, avocado, Monterey jack cheese and sour cream.
pro tip: need more heat? add jalapeños

Lake Taco Omelette

Lake Taco:
Taco-seasoned ground beef, sauteed with red onions, red and green bell peppers and tomatoes, then blended with Monterey jack cheese, topped with sour cream and a tomato slice, served with jalapeños on the side. (Shown with avocado added on top in this photo.)
pro tip: muy bueno with avocado!

Steve's Might Aztec:
Spanish chorizo, tomatoes, red bell peppers, jalapeños, and Monterey jack cheese, served with a side of green salsa.
pro tip: top it with avocado!


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